Our last couple of weeks

Wow so it has almost been a year since I posted any thing! I wanted to show some pics of the past couple weeks Krew turned two, Krew loves to sit in our car and drive so we got him a four wheeler he loves it. Then we had a great Easter Krew got to go on a easter egg hunt with his cousins, ride real four wheelers with great grandpa, and got to play with a baby calf that lost his mom. (SAD) Then we had Krew's pictures taken and we got them back, the one of him holding the bunny is a funny story when we brought the bunny's home we let him bring one in the house and before we knew it Krew was holding the bunny upside down dunking him in the toilet, it was funny, sad, and disgusting all at the same time.

Flying to Emmet

Nohl's getting ready for his check ride on Wednesday, so he has been flying almost every day I went with him last night! We went and picked up Cassandra and her fiance (Hadley) It started raining and the wind was blowing hard so there was a lot of turbulence. I was a little freaked out for a while but then I started getting used to it! I am always impressed when I go flying with Nohl, I think it is so neat that he can fly!

Krews New Toy

Today we found out that we couldn't go to Utah for Kennedy's blessing! So since I have the next couple of day's off we went shopping and got Krew a new toy we wanted to get him something that he could walk with but he would rather sit on it than push it, his picture is funny he looks to big for it. He likes to open and shut the seat over and over!

Memorial Weekend

Amanda and Tyson surprised us and came to see us Thursday night, Nohl and I were so excited I worked all day Friday, but got to spend Saturday and Sunday with them. We went shopping, went out to eat to Squeezers its Nohl and I's favorite place to get a burger. Krew was loving the fries, he would shove the biggest fries in his mouth. Krew was funny with Kennedy, he is in a stage where he wants to hit and squeeze every thing so we had to pretty much hold his hands down any time he was near her. Monday Nohl took us all flying I was so nervous at first! We love Tyson and Amanda they are so fun! And Kennedy is so CUTE! love you guys!